The STEM Academy


Your Child Here.

Cincinnati State STEM Academy is a non-profit public high school that serves students grade 9-12.  It is the only public, non-profit high school sponsored by the Ohio Department of Education located on a college campus.

  • Open to all Ohio students
  • No tuition
  • Can earn a high school diploma as well as college credit through College Credit Plus courses
  • Our College Credit Plus agreement with Cincinnati State means students are able to take college level courses taught by college instructors with real-world experience, and the best part-Free!


We Believe In Your Child.

The Cincinnati State STEM Academy is dedicated to helping high school students achieve their goals.  We offer a strong academic science, technology, engineering and math program.  Our teachers and staff build positive relationships and connect learning to world opportunities.

Campus Life

Cincinnati State STEM Academy offers a variety of ways to get involved; robotics club, computer club, engineering club and debate club.


Be Great… Sooner.

The Cincinnati State STEM Academy gives your child the tools necessary for success.  We provide each student with:

  • Strong STEM schedule
  • Two uniform shirts
  • Laptop assigned to each student to use during the day
  • Meals, with lunch and breakfast provided by Midwest Culinary Institute in a cafeteria reserved exclusively for STEM students

Our students thrive in a self-directed environment.  Whatever their goals and aspirations, it is our job to help them.

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