Frequently Asked Questions

Who can attend Cincinnati State STEM Academy?
Any student who resides in the state of Ohio may attend Cincinnati State STEM Academy. We accept all high school eligible students in grades 9-12.
How much does it cost to attend the school?
Cincinnati State STEM Academy is a fully accredited public high school and is completely tuition free. There is an instructional fee charged yearly.
Is there a dress code?
Yes.The students at Cincinnati Stats STEM Academy wear a green golf shirt and black or tan khaki pants.
Do you provide lunches?
We are enrolled in the National Student Lunch Program and all students are provided the opportunity to have both breakfast and lunch. All meals are provided by Cincinnati State Midwest Culinary Institute.
How is transportation handled?
Transportation is handled through public transit. Students receive a bus card with their identification and travel goes through all five zones in the region. If a student has their own car and provides proof of insurance, Cincinnati State STEM Academy will pay for a student parking pass.
Do you provide state testing?
As a state public high school, students are required to take all state tests required for graduation. CSSA does administer these tests.
How is the day organized?
Students will sign up for 7 classes per year.  The four core classes consisting of English, science, social studies and math, occur in block sessions three days per week, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.  Three elective courses occur on elective days, which are Monday and Friday.  Students participate in two extra-curricular activities during the school day, which also occur on Mondays and Fridays.  Two lunch bells occur every day.  A table of the school schedule is displayed below.
School Hours:  
Daily Schedule
Time Purpose
7:30-7:55 AM Breakfast
8:00-8:55 AM 1st
9:00-9:55 AM 2nd
10:00-10:55 AM 3rd
11:00-11:30 PM Lunch 1
11:30-12:00 PM Lunch 2
11:00-12:26 PM 4th
12:30-1:18 PM 5th
1:21-2:09 PM 6th
2:12-3:00 PM 7th
Is the school accredited?
Yes, Cincinnati State STEM Academy is fully authorized the Ohio Department of Education and is currently the only Ohio high school sponsored by the ODE Office of Community Schools.
Are there clubs and sports?
Yes. Extra-Curricular activities include robotics, computers, engineering clubs as well as basketball and track.
Are your teachers trained and certified?
All teachers employed by Cincinnati State STEM Academy meet Highly Qualified Teacher Status and have degrees and certifications from fully accredited universities across the country. CSSA teachers participate in weekly professional development meetings designed to enhance their classroom performance and assist them with student development.